Rabbit Resort

Rabbit boarding

Let your rabbit stay in the Rabbit Resort room when you have to be away. Spacious x-pens (4” x 8”) give your rabbits plenty of room to explore the maze, hop through the tunnel, take a nap in the bunny bunk bed, or just sit and consider life while eating fresh, nutritious hay from Rabbit Advocates “Bunny Best Bites” and organic greens from my garden.
There is also “bunny TV” when your rabbit has a next door neighbor to watch. They can watch from a safe distance what the other bunny is doing or if someone is feeling shy the cardboard wall can be put in place for privacy.
Check on your rabbit while you are away with the Rabbit Cam that you can access from your smart phone. It’s especially fun to watch at night with the cameras night vision.
Staying at Rabbit Resort is:

 $25.00 for one rabbit per night

     $35.00 for bonded pair per night

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